January 02, 2017

Winrar 5 Free Download

Winrar Free Download

Winrar Overview.

Winrar 5 is a very best software used for archiving files and compressing them.Winrar has many versions but the most updated version is the winrar 5.0.it can archive all the files without any problem and also can extract them any where anytime when you want.winrar can extract Zip,Tar,ISO,Rar. Winrar is designed for the user to have an easy layout control so that they can use the software without any problem.Winrar is a very light software which is opened a second after you double click on it.It also not affect the speed and working capability of the windows.It maked the windows run as normal.You Can Also Download Google Chrome.
It also archives the ISO,Tar,Zip,Rar files and also extract them.It allows the user to select where to extract the files and also allows the user to make the file password protected so that only authorized personel can have acess to the file.It also creates solid archives and have the option to delete the file after the archiving is done.Once the file is password protected no hacker can easily crack the password which shows that your data is pretty safe.You Can Also Download Dearpins Blogger Template
It can also create SFX archives in a second.IT tests the archive for any kind of error and also has a built in antivirus program which scan the downloaded files for viruses so that the person using winrar may stay free of virus.By creating archives you can also add comments so that the people using the file of your may know that it is downloaded from your website of computer.You Can Also Download Green Garden Wordpress Template

Properties of Winrar 5.

  •        Can extract all type of files
  •        Can add the files to archive
  •        Can Add password to the files
  •        Check files for errors
  •       Scan files for any viruses

Technical Details of Winrar 5.

  •    File Extension : .exe 
  •    File name : Winrar 5 
  •    File Size : 1.69Mb
  •    Download file Type : .Zip
  •    Download File Size : 1.60Mb

      Winrar 5 Free Download.

From Here You Can Download Winrar for free

Winrar 5 Free Download


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