March 18, 2017

HTML Blocks # 14

HTML Blocks # 14

HTML Blocks.

HTML blocks means the portions of HTML such as you for example write a <div> HTML tag and put a white coloured heading and paragraph in that , then by css you defined its background color to black then you will see that only the that block of HTML  where that <div> tag ends will have black background and the other portion will have normal color.


Consider this as an example
you defined a div  portion as footer horizontal coloumn with forms and other elements inside it with a background picture.You will do it as .

<img />


In div tag you can define your own properties for that block or section.

Live Example.

Luqman Ali Nawaz

This is a div block with white coloured font and black coloured background.

SPAN  <span> element.

<span> element is an inline element that describes some text or small portion of a paragraph as given below.


This is luqmanalinawaz website.
You probably got the use of span this i got luqmanalinawaz in span and defined a whole property for it ( style="color:red;")

Grouping tags.

So Span and div are grouping tags that group some material
Span defines an inline small portion while the div defines large block or portion of webpage.

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