March 18, 2017

HTML Lists in Urdu # 13

HTML Lists in Urdu

HTML Lists.

Mostly we are given lists in our home by our mothers ( of some products to be baught ) but in HTML it dosen't ask you to buy anything , it just want you to learn it.HTML lists tutorial is given below in Urdu language.

Types of HTML Lists.

HTML Lists can be of two types.
  • Unordered List
  1. Ordered List

Properties of Unordered List.

Following are the properties of unordered list you can use in HTML.
If you use the style property in the ul tag as ( style="list-style-type:disc" ).The unordered list will turn into dots.There can be many other styles as

  • Dics : Set the marker to bullet which is also default
  • Circle : Set the marker to circles
  • Square : sets the item marker to square
  • None : there will be no item marker

Properties of Ordered List

Following are the mian properties of ordered list.
In the <ol> tag you can use the property of type as <ol type="" >.There are several types as
  1. Type="1" : List will be numbered which is also default
  2. Type="A" : List will be numbered with uppercase letters
  3. Type="a" : List will be shown with lower case letters
  4. Type="I" : List will be shown with upper case roman numbers
  5. Type="i" : List will be shown with lower case roman numbers

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