April 04, 2017

Hot Mag Blogger Template.

Hot Mag Blogger Template.

Hot Mag Blogger Template.

Hot Mag is a blogger Template published by Theme forest publishers.This blogger Template is best known for its own framework.It has got social sharing buttons , social counter and social links buttons to link your website with your social media accounts.These templates are always Seo optimized to get your website better rankings.It is ads ready blogger Template.It has user Friendly layout so you need not to worry about the impression of your website on your visitors.This blogger template has got three footer layout , side bars both primary & main navigation bar to ensure that your website gets catagorized nicely and with simplicity.It has got recent and ramdom posts buttons to give your visitors a surprise by clicking it.It has a front page slider to show recent posts.

Hot Mag Technical Details

Following are the main technical details of Hot Mag blogger template you need to know.

  • Template name : Hot Mat
  • Template Platform : Blogger
  • Template size : 1.14 Mb
  • Template Publishers : Theme Forest

Features of Hot Mag Blogger Template.

Following are the main features ozf Hot Mag Blogger template every one who used it knows.
  • Seo Optimized
  • User Friendly Layout
  • Simplified Template
  • Main & Primary navigation Bar
  • Breaking News Ticker
  • Post Ramdomizer
  • Posts By Label
  • Three coloumn footer
  • Responsive template
  • Ads ready
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • Social Counter
  • Social Links Icons
  • Main Page Slider

Hot Mag Blogger Template Free Download

From this below direct link you can download Hot Mag blogger template free for your blog in a single file.

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