April 07, 2017

Magtastico Wordpress Theme

Magtastico Wordpress themeMagtastico is a responsive wordpress theme version 1.4 and is published under the rights of Theme Forest Publishers with their policies.It is designed & developed by WP Explorer.

Magtastico Wordpress Theme.

It is the most elegent theme..Magtastico is a totally responsive theme that will make your blogs way to the fame.Its simplicity is its main feature and with its beautiful design it is a model for other themes.It is enhanced more in its beuty with its left sidebar.In its sidebar navigation bar you can put all you want.All the links will be there with the social icons to make your blog a master piece.In its navigation stands the beauty of dropdown menu.The posts are shown in the form of boxes with their titles , pictures and some text  and trust me these things really inspire the visitor.In this theme you can also place in videos directly from youtube as you can see one in the picture above.Moreever this theme has also got post sharing buttons which means that your users can make your post public in social media and bring massive traffic in just some clicks.It has got a beautiful ReadMore button to enhance its beauty.This theme is a master piece and has got every thing a person may need to become sucessful blogger because it is also optimized for search engine optimization.
Magtastico Wordpress theme download for free

Technical Details of Magtastico Wordpress theme.

Following are the main technical details of Magtastico Wordpress theme you may want to know.
  • Theme Name : Magtastico
  • Theme Publishers : Theme Forest
  • Theme Developers : WPExplorer
  • Theme Platform : Wordpress
  • Theme Size : 1.49 Mb

Features of Magtastico Wordpress theme.

Following are the main features of Magtastico Wordpress theme which make it a great theme.
  • Seo Optimized
  • Simple
  • Attractive
  • Admin Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Side Navigation Bar
  • DropDown Menu
  • Posts with titles and images
  • Go to top
  • Sharing buttons
  • Social Links Buttons

Magtastico Wordpress theme Free Download.

From This below direct link you can download Magtastico Wordpress theme for free in some clicks.

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