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All Right I am about to write some about me.So that's me. My name is Luqman Ali.
Luqman ali nawaz
Don't be surprised. Its not the me i am now.So in the above image its me about 12 years old and now i am almost 16.In the above image i don't look like a webprogrammer but now i am worth it.
In our life every person have a good and a bad habit.Bad habits are already shown and good habits are needed to be picked up. There is always a turning point in your life.So in my life it was when i saw a computer before that i used to be a duffer not taking interest in studies and just fighting with my nephews even in this picture i look cute but the real face was different and when i saw my computer my life changed.I didn't belong to a very rich family so i was at that time given this pc in below figure because they thought that this craze of computer is temporary but their expectations were wrong.

After i bought my computer i took interest in it too much.My behaviour changed my lifestyle changed and from a bad boy luqman i became Luqman Ali.My father noticed this positive change and he supported my all the way he could.As we know that every thing has two aspects and so is me taking good aspect from computer.
 If you take good aspect from a computer it will rebuild your life but if you took wrong aspect it is an atomic bomb which will destroy your life in a second.
So after that my father bought me a Core 2 Duo pc and many hardware parts with it (parapherial devices).Now i am about to show you my real pics of now a days.
pics of luqman

Then after my continous use of computer for positive purpose retained and my DAD (HaqNawaz) bought me a laptop and an android mobile phone for any video recordings.Here is me with my laptop.
luqman nawaz
Here is a Picture of My ANGEL MY DAD . HAQ NAWAZ


I have got the following skills from Internet and now i am expert in them.
  • Web Designing & Programming
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Many PHP Frameworks
  • Ms Office
  • English (Almost)☻
 Today What Ever I Am.I Am Due To My Parents & Teachers.
I Am Proud To Be A Son Of My Parents & Student Of My Teachers. 

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